Why you need a Dublin wedding band

We don’t need to tell you that your wedding day is probably one of the biggest days of you and your partner’s lives. For this reason, you naturally want your day to be memorable just not for you both, but for your guests and loved ones too! You don’t just want a wedding DJ or even worse, just a party playlist, to be the evening’s entertainment. We’re going to tell you all the reasons why you need a Dublin wedding band. 


Live Music! 

Who doesn’t love live music? A Dublin wedding band is far preferable to a DJ or a playlist because we play every song live, and we have some crowd favourites in our repertoire. Live music will get the crowd going, dancing, and bouncing along to all of your favourite songs, from recent chart-toppers to classic sing-alongs. Enjoy classics such as Call Me Al, lose yourself to Madness’ Baggy Trousers, jive to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5, and sing it loud and proud to Johnny B Goode. Live music is so much more entertaining and electric, your wedding guests won’t be able to resist. 


Character and Atmosphere 

A live wedding band in Dublin adds so much more atmosphere than a DJ or playlist could ever provide. We get the crowd going and chat to you in between songs, breaking down the barrier between ‘entertainment’ and ‘guest’. Not only do we provide great music, but we’re also a great band of men, meaning we will happily chat and participate in the conjuring of the atmosphere. Recorded songs can seem a little ‘flat’ because you’ve heard them so many times and know them inside out, but live music comes with its own unique sound and tenor. You’ll hear all of your favourite songs in a character and cadence that you’ve never heard them in before, and the atmosphere will feel so much warmer with our live band. 


Make Requests 

As a professional Dublin wedding band, we of course have a long set list that includes the stereotypical wedding classics and some that you might not expect, but you can also request songs from our list of first dance music. We’ve covered plenty of big hits both modern and classics, so you’re almost guaranteed to see a song that you and your partner can sway to. We also have options to select from for father-daughter dances. 


Hire Your Dublin Wedding Band Today 

A live wedding band will add so much character, liveliness, and ‘umph’ to your wedding day, helping you celebrate with all of your friends and loved ones. Personalise your set list and make it a night you’ll never forget with A Few Good Men Band! Contact Us today to get your party started and plan your music.