Wedding Band Music (Wedding Music Dublin & Ireland)

We believe the proof is in the pudding when you are looking for wedding band music, so here at A Few Good Men, we have listed a selection of audio recordings taken at a host of events we have performed at as a wedding band in Dublin and throughout Ireland. On this page, you will find some of the most requested wedding music, with plenty of tracks to get you and your guests off your seats and onto the floor, ready to dance the night away.   

Getting to know the quality of the performers can be critical when you want to book a wedding band in Dublin, and audio examples are often useful to gauge the worth of wedding music bands. We have a number of audio recordings for you to listen to at A Few Good Men wedding band in Dublin, pay attention to our tracks and feel free to download all of these songs - we warn you, headphones are recommended! 

Huge choice of wedding band music to cater for all tastes 

Play them loud, play them long, and pin your ears back to examples of our work. This is just a small selection of the tracks we play for weddings, and we have a wide-ranging list of music to cater for everyone, offering songs to suit all tastes.     

Simply click on each individual track to listen to the song in question then sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

A Few Good Men wedding band Ireland Audio Recordings

Please feel free to download all tracks, headphones recommended!