How to ensure your wedding band is successful

On your big day, you have chosen to have a live wedding band that will provide you with a variety of songs to entertain you and your guest. You want the bands appearance to run smoothly without any nasty surprises so you are able to let your hair down and enjoy the entertainment. 

Well, there are a few things that you can do that will make a difference. Here are a few ways to ensure your wedding band runs smoothly. 

Decide what part of the day the band will arrive 

This entirely depends on your location of the wedding, you may have the ability to move guests into another room whilst the band is setting up or you may decide to ask the band to arrive whilst you are at the church. 

Set up before your guests arrive 

If the space is available, this is probably the best choice if you are unable to move your guests after the meal, although it probably will require an additional fee to compensate the band for a longer day. However with this option, your wedding band in Dublin will arrive well before you and your guest, so they are able to sound check and sort their positioning out. 

Arriving after the meal 

If the location is intimate, then the dance floor may be used for guests to eat their meals. Moreover, for the band to set up the tables will have to be cleared and the guest will have to move into another room. Therefore, this time of arrival is ideal if you have the option of moving your guest for a small time period. However, it wouldn’t be totally necessary to move the guests, as most wedding bands usually set up with the guests in the room at most venues in Ireland. 

When should the band play? 

To get the most out of your wedding band, you will want the guests to feel relaxed and ready to party! To enable this to happen you need to pick the perfect time that your band will perform. We suggest that the band’s first performance is from 9.00pm onwards. Before they start playing most bands will be able to provide background music to allow guests to gradually move towards the dance floor and bust some moves. 

Looking after the band 

The band may have travelled far to get to your wedding and when they arrive they will have no access to food. Therefore, offering the band food and drink is appreciated; this will give them the energy to play the performance of their lives. 

If there is an evening buffet available, the band will happily accept this, however a nice cup of tea would do just fine! 

End of the show 

Once the night has ended and everyone has had an unforgettable night, the band will pack away as quickly as possible.  This can take up to an hour so please ensure the venue is informed about this. 

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