What Modern Wedding Bands in Dublin Should Deliver

Look around and you’ll find that when it comes to wedding bands in Dublin, there’s a fair amount of choice – which is great! However, let’s not forget that a wedding band sets the tone of your wedding reception. Make the wrong choice and your guests will remain glued to their chairs. Make the right choice and you’ll have everyone on the dancefloor. What we’re saying is that the style of the wedding band you choose is paramount. 

Now, let’s be honest. You and your fiancé may have drastically different tastes in music. One of you may favour the power ballads of the 80’s, whereas the other may be more contemporary in your musical taste, intent on finding modern pop wedding bands in Dublin. Surely, your best bet is to find a wedding band that will get everyone on the dancefloor boogieing away and then slowing the beat down for those romantic moments that make a wedding reception. 

Now, that aside, there are a handful of attributes that any good wedding band should have – and more importantly, there are certainly circumstances and requests that contemporary and classic wedding bands in Dublin should be able to manage without too much hassle. 

New Songs 

The music industry is consistently evolving – and with that so too is the soundtrack to all our lives. A good wedding band will be able to belt outtwenty-first century hits just as well as they can play Unchained Melody. 

Then there’s the requests. Regardless of the style of the band, a good wedding band in Dublin should be able to deliver on most requests. High-energy and tempo songs aside, a wedding is about creating lifelong memories. You don’t want your wedding reception to be marred by a wedding band unable to play your favourite song. You want to dance to your favourite song with your significant other. 

Good wedding bands in Dublin are always adding to their repertoire. This way they can put on a show that everyone will enjoy! 

The Sound 

Wedding’s can be lively affairs. But, they shouldn’t be deafening. A band that punctures your guest’s ear drums with thunderous rifts will hardly endear themselves to your guests. Sure, a wedding band should offer so much more than merely background music, but a wedding reception isn’t exactly the Sunday night at Glastonbury! 

Not only that, many wedding venues have sound restrictions. Wedding bands are obliged to make sure noise levels don’t exceed a specific decibel volume, lest they upset the venue’s neighbours. Whereas this is by no means a cue to reduce the volume to the point that the songs are merely more than whispers, it’s important that a wedding bands knows how to work within the confines of a sound limit without losing any of the thrill of a high-energy live performance. 

Dress Code 

It’s not uncommon for couples to incorporate a dress code or colour scheme into their wedding. This transcends every element of the wedding – and often goes for the entertainment too. A poorly-dressed band can stick out like a sore thumb! 

Now, in addition to performing traditional or modern songs, wedding bands dress sense should complement that of the event – which means that joggers or sweatshirts are a no-go! 

Shades are optional, but smart suit jackets, ties and clean shirts are a must. The band is, after all, part of the overall picture of the wedding. 

The Sense of Celebration 

As we’ve already said, wedding bands in Dublin set the tone of the wedding reception. Guests will follow their lead, hitting the dance floor when the time’s come, and sharing the odd dance or two with members of the wedding party. 

Thar joyful sense of celebration should be abundantly clear. No one wants to have a wedding band belt our inappropriate songs or put a damper on guest’s spirits – the band’s there to elevate the occasion! 

A good wedding band will personify the very spirit of the occasion. Make everyone feel happy and share in the celebratory occasion. 

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