Getting it right: A Wedding Band that you and your guests will love

A Few Good Men could be the perfect wedding band for you. As a classic pop wedding band in Dublin, they perform all the necessary feel-good classic songs that everyone loves, guaranteed to pull off an enjoyable performance. 

When it comes to choosing the right wedding band for you and your guests then there are a few considerations to bear in mind: 

1. Style 

The style of music should be the style of music you love and the style of music your guests will enjoy. It is important to remember that it's your special day. You need to choose the music you want, but at the same time, you want your guests to have an enjoyable time. The great thing about a Few Good Men is the variety of their playlist. The repertoire of popular hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, means you can rest assure that this classic pop wedding band in Dublin has something for everyone, of all ages and all music tastes. 

There are a vast number of wedding bands to hire these days, making your decision even more difficult. There are various Jazz and Blues bands, Rock bands, Celtic bands and many more. Each will, of course, have distinctive playlists to help make your wedding entertainment a night to remember, which is advantageous if you are set on this particular genre. However, some couples feel a mix of genres is more apt for a wedding reception, with the opportunity to play a combination of songs suitable for all ages. In these circumstances, it would make more sense to hire a disco wedding band or a modern wedding band in Dublin such as A Few Good Men. 

2. Research and Logistics 

This would include reading relevant reviews and client testimonials to help to get an overall view of the wedding band, and a better insight into how impressed people in your position were about their wedding entertainment. A Few Good Men have very positive client reviews and have won a number of awards for their professional performance as a classic pop band in Dublin. In addition to this, they have recently become a finalist in the Irish Wedding Awards 2018 which is a fantastic achievement. In terms of research, it is also viable to look into the logistics of hiring a wedding band in terms of the area they cover. Most wedding bands will be willing to relocate but this does usually come at a price. A Few Good Men, perform in weddings all over Ireland. For more information about the band please feel free to look at our ‘the band’ page. 

3. Budget 

It is always advisable to set a realistic budget when looking for a wedding band. Weddings these days can get very expensive, with the average wedding costing up to £30,000. 

To find out more information about our classic modern wedding band in Dublin prices please follow the link and complete the ‘request a quote’ section. 

4. Playlist 

A Few Good Men perform a repertoire of classic pop wedding songs that are guaranteed to have the whole party singing and dancing. From Rock and Pop songs to the more traditional classic Irish sounds, this is a disco wedding band in Dublin that will not disappoint. 

Most guests produce a playlist to give to the wedding band of songs they want at the reception. If you make a list of songs you want at the wedding and then try to categorise these into a particular theme, this may help you decide on a wedding band genre. If your playlist is varied, containing all the classic pop songs, then A Few Good Men could be the perfect modern wedding band in Dublin for you. 

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