The Wedding band association | Wedding Bands Ireland

Was formed to help couples avoid rogue trader wedding bands in Ireland. 
A rogue trader wedding band is a band or a “brand” that takes your booking under a band name after you’ve viewed them performing a showcase with good…

Peace of Mind when booking your wedding band

Below is a post from A Few Good Men guitarist Mark.
  Peace of Mind when booking your wedding band.

Hi Guys here is an invaluable resource for anyone in the process of booking a band for their day to…

So You Think You Can Dance? Grooms Dance Routine Goes Viral


                                                *Image Courtesy of Shirin Rajaee YouTube

As one of the leading wedding bands in Ireland, we’ve travelled all around the country and performed at hundreds of weddings. Most Grooms we see are happy to partake in the first dance…

The Hottest Summer Wedding Trends

As an Irish wedding band we perform at a wide variety of weddings. This allows us to experience all types of weddings, from the traditional, to the alternative. The wedding industry is constantly evolving. Many Irish Brides are following trends…

Preparing for Your ‘First Dance’

Get Dance Lessons

The most important thing is to get your groom onside when suggesting that you both attend dance lessons. Whatever you do, don’t let the first time you dance together be in front of everyone at your…

Top Tips on Hiring a Wedding Band in Ireland

Style of Music
Unless you work in event management or the entertainment industry, for most people, the first and possibly only time they will ever hire a band is for their wedding. It’s really important to choose a wedding band


Best Festive Songs for Christmas Weddings

Attending or organising a Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding? Trying to add a little festive spirit to the occasion? From the cake to the menu, the winter warming bridal accessories to the tables plans, it is so easy…