Top Tips For Choosing a Wedding Band

Booking your wedding band is just one of the magical experiences you’ll encounter as you make plans for your very special day. As you turn your thoughts to the evening entertainment and try to envisage how events will unfold, you’ll be dreaming that everything is perfect and you and your guests will be having a truly amazing time. Pick the right band and this will happen. If you’re wondering what to look for when you are choosing a wedding band, read the following to get everything right from the start. 

Look and Style of The Band 

Establishing the style of the band is really important before you book them for your wedding. The look of the band could be critical to the theme of your wedding, so you need to know how they are going to be dressed whilst they perform. Do you really want to have a band playing at your wedding that turns up in jeans and t-shirts, or would you much prefer a smartly dressed group all wearing matching suits? See if the band has a choice of outfits for you to choose. Establish the type of music they play too. If they specialise in one type of music for example, will this be suitable for your wedding or do you want a band that is more versatile?     

How Many Gigs Have You Performed At? 

Establish how experienced the wedding band is before you book them for your event. The more events the band has played at the more experienced they will be and this will show in their performance. If the band is new to performing at weddings, who’s to say everything will run like clockwork on the day? Novice bands will be nervous but more experienced groups will know what to expect from each wedding, and when they take to the stage, they’ll do so with an air of confidence.   

Play List – What’s on it, and Can You Play Special Requests? 

Does the band have a set playlist of music that you can peruse so you can choose your favourite songs? A good professional band will have a set list of music for you to choose from. They will be able to suggest a routine based on your requirements and be in the position to offer expert advice on important things such as first dance choices, father and daughter dances, or special set lists of music if you want a particular type of music playing.   

Equipment Provided 

Does the band provide everything that is needed to set up on the day or will you have to provide anything extra, working in partnership with the venue? It’s always a good idea to have a clear indication of all the equipment the band will be bringing to the event so there are no last minute wobbles. Ask the band to tell you what they’ll provide and have a clear idea of how long it will take them to set up so they can work with your venue coordinator.     

What’s included in the Package?    

Clearly establish what is included in the package from the start and how many hours the band will be playing for. Do you want a DJ service to be included as part of the package, one that starts as soon as the band stops playing? This can be a popular option for wedding parties and ensures the music keeps on playing right through the night until your wedding evening draws to a close. 

Additional Questions You Should Ask 

With so much running through your mind it’s easy to overlook the odd detail when you are hiring a live wedding band. That being the case, here are some extra questions you might want to ask the band in question. 

  1. Do you have footage of your band in action? 
  2. Can you play a song that isn’t on the set list? 
  3. How many members are in the band? 
  4. Who plays what? 
  5. Which one is the lead vocalist? 
  6. How do you get the sound level right? 
  7. Are you booked for another gig immediately before our wedding? 
  8. Can you provide pre-reception music? 
  9. What happens if one of you is ill on the day of the wedding? 
  10. Are you a member of the Wedding Band Association? 

Remember, you can ask as many questions as possible before you book a wedding band so don’t feel awkward. This is the biggest day of your life so feel free to ask away no matter how many queries you want answering. 

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