The Wedding band association | Wedding Bands Ireland

Was formed to help couples avoid rogue trader wedding bands in Ireland. 
A rogue trader wedding band is a band or a “brand” that takes your booking under a band name after you’ve viewed them performing a showcase with good accomplished musicians and compiles a group of completely different amateur musicians to play at your wedding.
In other words, that band you thought you booked will be a group of musicians who never met before hired by the “brand” you booked.
These musicians who are booked to play many different weddings all over Ireland on the same night by the “brand” have never been auditioned by the “brand” and are mostly amateur musicians being paid peanuts by the “brand” that are charging you top dollar.
There is a few accomplished musicians who take part in this practice when they have noting else in their diary and having talked to a few of them they all say the same thing “ I cannot believe the “brand” is getting away with this, the quality of the musicians is shocking, bad equipment, bad playing, totally unprofessional and a terrible attitude towards the couple and their guest, it’s embarrassing being part of it, but sometimes, needs must”.
So what can you do to avoid this happening to you?

Just ask, will the band that I have viewed be the band I will get on the night of my wedding?
Are the band members of The Wedding band association?
Visit The Wedding band association website, all bands listed may vary in what they offer and how accomplished / established they may be, but all bands listed are members and they all have the same core value “one band, one wedding per night”.
A Few Good Men are proud members of The Wedding band association.