Top Wedding Bands Ireland

There’s a massive difference between the top wedding bands in Ireland and those just starting out in the industry. The most popular bands are in demand for a very good reason and have established their reputation based on a number of things. Obviously, when you are choosing a band to play at your wedding, it goes without saying you want to select the very best. So as well as considering the top tips for choosing a wedding band, you should also think about what sets the best bands apart from those that have very little to offer. 

Here at A FEW GOOD MEN wedding band in Dublin, Ireland, we believe you need the following to really make an impact on a couple’s happy day. 

Stage presence 

Would you be happy for any old performer to take centre stage at your wedding? After months, and sometimes years of planning, you want a band that can hit the ground running when the evening entertainment starts, and wow your guests with their stage presence. As well as having a sharp sense of style, the band you choose needs to have charisma so they will click and connect with you and all of your guests.   


To have stage presence, the band you hire should have stacks of confidence too. Under no circumstances do you want panic-stricken performers playing for you on the stage, you need musical maestros that are right at the top of their game and oozing with self-belief. It’s easy to spot a band that is brimming with confidence, and their performance will reflect this. 

A sense of showmanship 

When a band has stage presence and they are full of confidence, it puts you at ease. The combination of authority and self-assurance is a powerful tool and gives a band their sense of showmanship. Guests at your wedding are expecting to be entertained, and they will be if you hire a band that knows how to put on a good show.       

The fun factor   

Above anything else, the top wedding bands in Ireland know how to introduce the fun factor to your event. As the drinks flow and people get into the party spirit, they want to listen to live music and dance the night away. The best-performing bands know this and they understand this, making sure everyone is having a happy time. Listening to a live wedding band in Ireland is so much fun, and it’s a fantastic way to celebrate your very special day. 

A brilliant mix of music 

It’s no coincidence the best wedding bands get a brilliant reaction from brides, grooms and guests. Their music is live, the playlist is packed with popular and familiar songs, and each individual track is designed to get people up out of their seats and onto the dance floor. If the band you want to book has a large set list of music, the ideal blend of stage presence and showmanship, are confident and know how to make the evening fun, you are choosing a top band. 

Here at A FEW GOOD MEN wedding band, we offer all of the above and so much more for brides and grooms hosting their wedding celebrations in Dublin or any event in Ireland. 

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